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Save the Date: November 10–12, 2020
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Assuring Dimensional and Compositional Quality of Lithium Ion Batteries, Solutions for Lithium Battery Manufacturing and R&D, and Avizo Software for Battery and Energy Materials

Chuck Blanchette  (Field Marketing Manager, Flat Sheet Gauging, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Zhao Liu  (Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

S. Ali Shojaee  (Product Applications Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, November 11

Time: 8:30am - 9:30am

Pass Type: Virtual Conference Pass (Paid), Virtual Conference Pass + EU (Paid), Virtual EU Conference Pass (Paid), Virtual Expo Pass (Free)

Format: Sponsored Session (Free)

Vault Recording: TBD

Assuring Dimensional and Compositional Quality of Lithium Ion Batteries
Consistent and reliable performance is essential in all battery applications. Any contamination or defects on the microscopic scale can result in reduced battery life and power density. Identifying contaminates is the first step in the process of eliminating those risks. The use of optical microscopes, OES, SEM and EDX all provide various insights to electrode particle size and composition. Modern visualization and analysis software can provide helpful insight from 2D and 3D images to battery producers striving to optimize mass production. Non-contact radiation and laser sensors can provide critical basis weight and thickness information for cell construction. The presentation will provide an overview of key instrumentation that assures process consistency throughout the battery manufacturing process.

Imaging and Analysis Solutions for Lithium Battery Manufacturing and R&D
New and improved battery technology is particularly vital as we strive to improve our impact on the planet with energy-efficient electric vehicles and sustainable energy sources, like lithium-ion batteries. In this presentation, we will discuss how different solutions that Thermo Fisher Scientific offers to help the battery development in R&D and manufacturing environment. The topics include technical cleanliness study of battery materials via automatic SEM/EDX workflow, multi length-scale imaging analysis of battery materials, electrodeode and cell via different imaging technique.

Avizo Software for Battery and Energy Materials
This talk covers the capabilities of the Thermo Scientific Avizo software to help scientists and industry professionals with design, development, and manufacturing of energy materials and batteries. Avizo software is an image visualization and processing software that can work with scientific images coming from any modality (tomography images, electron or optical microscopy, etc.), size and scale. Topics covered in this talk include the capabilities of the Avizo software for processing, analyzing, and segmenting images for material development, failure analysis and quality control. It also includes user cases of workflows for tomographic and electron microscopy images of battery materials.