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Save the Date: November 10–12, 2020
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Technologies that Fulfill the Hottest Challenges in E-mobility and Power Electronics

Michael Yarnall  (President, bdtronic Americas)

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, November 11

Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Pass Type: Virtual Conference Pass (Paid), Virtual Conference Pass + EU (Paid), Virtual EU Conference Pass (Paid), Virtual Expo Pass (Free)

Format: Lunch & Learns (Free)

Vault Recording: TBD

bdtronic - your partner in e-mobility

Get know our technologies and solutions for manufacturing your E-mobility products. Receive immediate answers to your questions from our experts. We offer you expert information on the following topics:
• Dispensing and Plasma Technology that Fulfills the Hottest Challenges in E-mobility and Power Electronics: Process solutions for electromobility products, battery modules, and power electronics
Dispensing and Plasma technology are required for numerous applications in the manufacturing of e-mobility and automotive products. As a specialist in the processing of single and multi-component reactive resins, bdtronic finds the optimal solution for each process. Whether potting under atmosphere or vacuum potting of demanding electronic components or even applying of thermal conductive pastes, our advanced dispensing technology and application experience makes it possible and successful.
• Impregnation of H/EV motors: how to set up a high-volume and high-quality impregnation process for the automotive industry
High volume impregnation technology is required for the production of electric motors for both hybrid technology, 48-volt mild hybrids and full-electrical motors for cars and trucks. The impregnation process requires precision and professional experience. bdtronic offers various impregnation and heating technologies depending on the size, design as well as the number of parts to be produced. From a small laboratory machine to the world’s fastest and biggest impregnation machine – bdtronic is the technology leader for trickle impregnation process. Learn in this webinar how to set up a high-volume impregnation process for the automotive industry.
• Heat staking: Thermoplastic joining process applications in E-Mobility and Power Electronics
Joining of materials is a major focus of product development processes and production solutions due to the steady rise in consumption of plastic materials. More materials are being developed to meet requirements such as energy and cost efficiency, resource protection and lightweight design, though their processing often poses challenges. The number of mixed material assemblies is rising, with the result that joining processes like gluing and heat staking are gaining in popularity. This trend demands innovative, cost-efficient and optimal solutions for hybrid assemblies, in other words for joining different materials such as plastic to metal, or to composite materials such as FR-4. bdtronic has introduced advanced heat stake technology with both a hot air (Hot Jet) and Hot Stamp methods. Our approach is to control all critical variables such as temperature, force and distance. This ensures consistent heat staking strength and results.