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Save the Date: November 10–12, 2020
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Virtual Product Showcase: DEWESoft's SIRIUS-XHS

Daren Bezuidenhout  (Applications Engineer, DEWESoft)

Location: USA

Date: Thursday, November 12

Time: 3:30pm - 3:45pm

Pass Type: Virtual Conference Pass (Paid), Virtual Conference Pass + EU (Paid), Virtual EU Conference Pass (Paid), Virtual Expo Pass (Free)

Format: Virtual Product Showcase (Free)

Vault Recording: TBD

DEWESoft will present their next generation, SIRIUS-XHS power analyzer. This power analyzer is unique on the market with multiple interfaces and the new hybrid ADC technology allowing the user to sample up to 15 MHz with 16-bit SAR ADC for superior and continuous transient recording as well as with 1 MHz 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC interface for higher resolution and alias completely free measurements. The switch is made automatically in the software depending on the sample rate. Since the SIRIUS-XHS has both a Sigma-Delta and SAR ADC that utilize the same amplifiers, you can always be certain you have the right instrument for the job.

The instrument allows the user to easily synchronize the power analyzer to any other inputs including analog (temperature, pressure, force, etc.), digital (encoders, Tachometers, etc.), Video, GPS, CAN, Ethernet, and many other inputs. This flexible hardware with the award-winning software combines the functionalities of a Power Analyzer, Scope, FFT Analyzer, Data Logger, Transient Recorder and Power Quality Analyzer in a single instrument. This product is truly the first of its generation and great for any power electronics applications ranging from evaluating motors, inverter analysis, renewable energy or charging testing, to name but a few.